Gaining insight from data


We are experts in the following areas:

Many organisations find it difficult to derive the best value from their datasets. There are many reasons for this, but the sheer size of many corporate databases and a shortage of skilled analysts are two of the main ones.


Our preferred definition of data mining is that it is the 'discovery of interesting, unexpected, or valuable structures in large data sets' (**).  Providing these interesting and valuable insights for our clients is our main goal. If this quote seems a little old, have a look at our work for some reasons why it is still one of the best descriptions of data mining.


Clients value our services because we provide insightful analysis for them. We help clients understand their markets and thus manage their businesses.  Unusually for highly skilled analysts, we deliver our results in plain - jargon free - English.  We regularly present our findings to all levels, from junior analysts to Directors.  We have therefore become skilled in giving presentations and analyses at the appropriate levels.




** Hand D. J. and Blunt, G. (2001), Prospecting for gems in credit card data, IMA Journal of Mathematics Applied in Business and Industry, 12, 173 - 200.